Baltic Computer Systems

business overview

Baltic Computer Systems has operated on the IT market in Estonia from 1989. We are one of the oldest information technology enterprises in the region who, on the one hand, has been impacted by intense and mutually educational cooperation with our customers and collaboration partners and from another hand continuous rapid development of information technology. BCS concentrates on IT infrastructure solutions.

Baltic Computer Systems (BCS) has established one sub-company (100% possessed by BCS) who proceed time-proof IT business of BCS and to whom pass all present businesses and responsibilities of BCS.

BCS Koolitus is the oldest and biggest ICT training and consulting company in Estonia. BCS Koolitus offers training and consulting services to ICT users, ICT specialists and business managers since 1993. BCS Koolitus provides a full training process, from the assessment of training needs, to the coordination of personnel ICT skills development. The selection of services is varied: different up-skill training sessions, consultations, certifications, seminars and events related to ICT development, implementation and usage. Our mission is to be a long-term partner to our clients through seminars, consultations, training sessions and certifications to put ICT into effective use for the business.

Baltic Computer Systems AS currently has 100 contractual clients, for whom we provide different kinds of IT maintenance and development on approximately 450 servers and 4500 workstations.


  • ICT infrastructure solutions and support
  • ICT training and consulting
  • IT maintenance and general service desk
  • Projects related to IT development and IT education
  • Software development on SharePoint platform
  • Cybersecurity solutions incl F-Secure official support center in Estonia
  • Audits, analysis and consulting focussing on business solutions and IT integration


  • Long-term partnerships
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Consortiums, subcontracting
  • Learning courses and training programmes


  • BCS holds ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate and our service desk services are based on ITIL/ISO 20000.