CybExer Technologies

business overview

CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded cybersecurity company with the mission to empower people and organizations to protect themselves against cyber threats. Our focus is on the human aspect of cybersecurity: to ensure that human risk behavior is minimized and to enable swift decision-making and rapid operational response to potential and actual cyber threats.

enhancing cyber hygiene

Almost all major cyber incidents can be traced back to an unsuspecting individual opening yet another e-mail, using the same password over and over again or similar actions that many of us still do on a daily basis. It is, therefore, imperative that each organization is determined to enhance the cyber hygiene skills of its employees and suppliers.

At CybExer, we have developed an e-learning software platform that can be used to improve cyber hygiene skills (incl. data protection). The tool enables the users to both learn and test their knowledge. Importantly, the solution provides individual risk profiles that can be aggregated to identify the risk level of a particular department or of the whole organization. Both the individual and the organization can then take the necessary steps to address the identified risk areas.

preparing for cyber incidents

In the case of cyber incidents, it is not a question of if it happens, but when. What an organization can do today, is to prepare to respond – and to prepare through engaging in realistic cyber exercises representative of the types of incidents that can be expected.

CybExer provides training exercises and exercise platforms for both technical response and executive-level crisis management. For this, we capitalize on our proprietary software. Firstly, CybExer owns one of the most advanced cyber ranges in Europe. The range can be used either for team or individual technical exercises and it can virtualize digital and physical systems almost with no limitations. Secondly, our STRATEX software takes crisis management exercises to a new level by enabling meaningful engagement of the participants and ultimately facilitating the understanding of general and company-specific cyber threats.

managing cyber risks

Lastly, we have developed a tool that can be used by organizations as part of their everyday cyber toolkit. Our solution is a visualization tool that gives an overview of the vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT systems. It assists decision-makers and technical responders in identifying and prioritizing cyber vulnerabilities – to enable a triage of which vulnerabilities should be responded to as a first priority, and which can be dealt with later.


  • Cyber exercises
  • Cyber range development
  • E-learning for cyber hygiene and data protection
  • Vulnerability visualization
  • Risk assessment
  • Custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions

customer portfolio

Public sector: NATO, CCDCOE, European Defence Agency, European Commission, German Federal Ministry of Defence, Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports, Ukraine government agencies, Estonian Information System Authority, City of Tallinn, University of Tartu and other institutions in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Private sector: A range of various critical infrastructure companies in finance, health, energy and telecommunications.