business overview

eKool is a school management tool bringing together students and their families, schools and supervisory bodies.
It all began in 2002 as a project financed by private and public sector to develop the first eKool system based on the needs of four schools.
By 2016, 85% of schools in Estonia use it on a daily bases for communication between the school, home and government.

product overview

eKool is an easily accessible web-based school management system that has made traditional paper format class diaries obsolete in Estonia.

It supports students in their learning process, parents are aware of their children’s progress in school, teachers have less administrative work and authorities have a good overview of what is going on in schools under their management.

Whether the user is a headmaster, teacher, parent or a student, he or she can log in with their personal computer or mobile phone and see the necessary information.

eKool supports a student during the entire school journey – from parents submitting a child’s application to a school; having an overview of grades, home assignments, study materials, lesson descriptions, absences during school time until graduation and final grades.

eKool is a module-based school management platform that can be easily launched in different markets and language environments.

eKool is a member of a group of companies with about 2 million clients in five countries.


  • Estonian students’ results of the international test PISA 2015 have increased to 1st-3rd best in Europe and 3rd in the world
  • Saves up to 50% of a teacher’s time spent on administrative tasks
  • Reduces skipping and increases learning results
  • Notable parental involvement and instant reaction – 6 visits in a week on average
  • School dropout reduced by 80% in 10 years


  • Strategic partnerships
  • Licensing
  • Custom solutions


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