business overview

Elisa Estonia (www.elisa.ee) and its subsidiary Santa Monica Networks (www.smn.ee) comprise a corporation with 1,000 employees whose synergy will give rise to a leading new communications, IT and entertainment company in Estonia.

Elisa is already the market leader in Estonia with its high number of private and pre-paid card clients and is the leading provider of fee-charging TV services and fixed internet connections in Estonia. Together with Santa Monica Networks, the company provides customers with secure network and data center solutions. The goal of the large enterprise (comprising over 1000 employees) is to become the leading communications and entertainment company in Estonia.

The owner company, Elisa Oyj, is the leading communications service provider in Northern Europe. Its shares are publicly listed among the major companies on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange. In 2018, the turnover of Elisa Eesti AS was 169.7 million euros.

mobile communication services

We offer a broad selection of mobile communication services with affordable calls and fast mobile internet that meet the needs of all customers as well as a 4G internet service to homes and offices. The coverage area has grown continually, and we now cover over 99% of the population. We also offer mobile convenience services – Mobile-ID, ID-ticket, M-lottery, M-parking and positioning.

Launching a 10-gigabit EPON has won us two awards. Firstly, we were awarded Leading Light Award 2017 to the communications service provider that has launched the most innovative Gigabit/Ultra-Broadband service, and, secondly, we won the GTB Awards 2017 with the project:
Residential 10G EPON network deployment & conversion of brownfield DOCSIS network to FTTH.

tv and internet services

Clients can conveniently watch TV anywhere without having to pay an extra fee. If the cable doesn’t reach the client’s house, they can watch TV using over-the-air services. And then there is the superfast 1 Tbit/s home broadband and free Wi-Fi.

In August, we publicly launched our very first original TV show in Estonian and since then have commissioned a second spy series which is set during a critical period in recent Estonian history.

it services

We offer our clients reliable and secure network, security and data center solutions with a comprehensive range of support services. We also provide our corporate customers web hosting services and e-mail solutions, and the opportunity to rent extremely reliable virtual servers. Servers in cable and wireless networks and data storage – all of the main IT infrastructure solutions are available.


Looking for startups/established tech companies with whom to create value-added services. We work in an agile way to help our partners validate the product-market fit and create greater value through partnership. Elisa has more than 655,000 clients for product testbed and a dedicated startup team for fast and convenient communication. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor enables globally competitive services.

key products and services

We offer a broad selection of mobile communications, permanent internet connection, and TV services and assist companies and the public sector in growing their efficiency and security through network and IT infrastructure solutions.

We also offer an excellent selection of smart devices with insurance, the Elisa Raamat reading application, the Office 365 Cloud Office service, and much more besides.
We also boost the speed of data communications – we continue to work towards 5G mobile internet and focus on the construction of a fixed connection that allows for 10G speed. In June 2018 we made the very first 5G call in the world between two countries – Finland and Estonia.


  • Developing, operating and managing Telecom and IT services on a nationwide basis.


  • Custom Development
  • Consulting & Training
  • IT Outsourcing