EyeVi Technologies

business overview

EyeVi Technologies is an AI-powered digital geospatial data production company. Our mission is to make the management of road infrastructure sustainable through digitalization. EyeVi helps to eliminate bottlenecks in predictive maintenance, traffic management, and safety auditing by offering on-demand mapping technology. We produce the data our clients need to support their solutions and services.

We offer AI-based full mobile mapping solution for capturing and processing high accuracy geospatial data.

Our product consists of a sensor-agnostic car-mounted mapping hardware set and a software package that includes automatic feature recognition and data processing.


Mobile mapping system that

  • Can be quickly assembled and easily set up
  • Is simple to handle and fits onto any type of car
  • Is built using market-leading sensors (panoramic camera, LiDAR, and GNSS/INS)


Data handling and processing system that consists of

  • EyeVi DataCapture for data collection
  • EyeVi DataFlow for automated data processing
  • Feature Factory for automated feature detection and extraction
  • EyeVi Web Application for data quality check, verification, and correction

our core competencies

We are experts in

  • Large-scale road networks mapping
  • Sensor integration, cost vs accuracy optimization
  • Automated geospatial data handling and processing
  • Machine learning based feature extraction

who can benefit from our product?

  • Road consultants
  • Road survey and inspection agencies
  • Infrastructure operators and asset managers
  • Engineering and design firms