business overview

Fujitsu Estonia is a leading Information Technology company, providing a full range of innovative software, hardware and IT infrastructure solutions. We apply our knowledge and experience in Information Technology to help shape the future of society with our partners and customers.


The constant pursuit of innovation is in the DNA of Fujitsu. Innovation has given rise to a global networked society, bringing major changes to the business world, our personal lives and society as a whole. Through ongoing advancements in IT, Fujitsu aims to turn people’s dreams into reality.


Fujitsu’s IT services are based on modern effective methods, such as ITIL, Lean and Agile that have proven to meet and anticipate customers’ needs.

Business and Application services
Fujitsu delivers true business value by focusing on business outcomes. Proven track record in delivering application services in Estonia and other Nordic countries.

Successful projects such as:

  • e-Residency,
  • Border Control Information system,
  • Study information systems in universities,
  • E-Health-User Rights management systems,
  • extensive customer portfolios with ERP and HR solutions in private and public sectors.

Managed Infrastructure services
Fujitsu helps to cut costs and boost efficiency through technological innovation and high-quality service design. Together we will build a road map to optimize IT infrastructure, operations and premises.

HYBRID IT AND CLOUD SERVICES – Fujitsu Hybrid IT seamlessly blends private, public and managed cloud with existing on-premises IT, to improve business agility, accessibility and deliver better business outcomes.

DIGITAL WORKPLACE SERVICES – Fujitsu’s Human-Centric approach creates a digital workplace that ensures a simple, intuitive, consistent, consumer-like experience.

NETWORK SERVICES – wide range of solutions in network infrastructure, connectivity and applications help Fujitsu’s clients improve innovation, efficiency and productivity.

SERVICE DESK – with a global and local presence, Fujitsu’s Service Desk acts as a single point of contact (SPOC) and performs a number of critical tasks whatever the scope of the business.

Product services
Fujitsu provides integrated systems and product related services, servers, data storage, and client-specific products. Fujitsu is able to meet even the most demanding infrastructure requirements.


  • e-Government solutions
  • Health Information Systems
  • ERP solutions for private and public sector
  • HR, Payroll and Time Management solutions
  • Microsoft solutions
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Custom Software Development


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Microsoft Gold partner

customer portfolio

Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK), Information and development Centre of Ministry of Internal Affairs (SMIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MKM), Defence Resources Agency (KRA), North Estonia Medical Centre (PERH), Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, Enterprise Estonia, Baltic Agro, Elron, Empower, Magnum, AleCoq, Pohjola, H&M, Paulig, Orion, YIT