business overview

Founded in 2007, Guardtime invented Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) – the world’s most scalable blockchain technology that allows systems, networks and data to be independently verified for being free of compromise, using only formal mathematical methods, without the need for trusted administrators.

Deployed by governments and enterprise across the globe, KSI blockchain-based products and services offer real-time detection and mitigation of cyber attacks, and provide an independent audit trail for everything that happens in digital society, limiting liability and making it impossible for insiders to manipulate data and cover their tracks.

value proposition

By adopting Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology, governments and enterprise enable complete auditability, transparency and attribution for their systems, networks and data as everything that happens in their digital environment can be independently verified, at massive scale, in real time.

our vision

We see the world where electronic data is more reliable than physical; where corrupt insiders, hackers or cybercriminals can’t manipulate data; where governments and enterprise provide complete transparecy to their stakeholders and where all the events on the world’s networked computers are linked together and verifiable independently from any human being.

key application areas

Guardtime’s KSI blockchain-based solutions introduce a fundamentally different way to approach cybersecurity and data resiliency ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery abilities via data-centric tagging and immutable infrastructure components.

Cloud Infrastructure
Guardtime’s KSI blockchain removes the need to trust the Cloud service provider by making all the activity within the Cloud transparent and verifiable independently of the service provider or any other third party.

IoT Infrastructure
KSI allows the IoT operators and clients to ensure the integrity of the entire IoT infrastructure, enforce mutual accountability and indemnification for incidents and ensure that the sensor data from the devices can be trusted and is legally admissible.


  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Licensing


  • Ericsson
  • Lockheed Martin