business overview

As a consultant and contractor in the government and private technology sectors, Krakul OÜ is focused on bringing ideas to life and solving real-world problems using a combination of hardware, software and ingenuity. Embedded systems created by Krakul have had a global influence, with projects in the Baltics, the USA, Sweden, Mexico, Vietnam, Spain, and many other countries.

The company’s work has been used in the aerospace sector (through UAVs, and cube satellites), the automotive industry (in UGVs), as sensors for agriculture and food or parcel delivery, on the Internet of Things (through smart bottle openers, and digital access management), schools (through digital access management), in marine engineering (in scientific buoys), and in smart TV accessories.

Krakul is made up almost solely of engineers, who view good-quality, direct, upfront service as a virtue. The engineers usually operate as a part of, or the whole of, the engineering team for corporate partners. Whereas larger engineering companies often demand major, long-term deals, Krakul more commonly partners with smaller, engineering-focused companies, who turn to them for their flexibility and experience.

key benefits of partnering with Krakul

  • Public sector experience – Krakul is a trusted subcontractor of the Estonian Government, while also taking part in other government projects.
  • Trustworthy, direct service – Krakul does not operate with a large team of salesmen or marketers, preferring to let their products, and the engineers behind them, speak for themselves. This results in a frank, honest exchange of ideas.
  • Flexibility – Krakul works with its partners as a versatile, adaptable engineering team. Many partners have experienced significant growth as a result of Krakul’s nimble operating model, enabling changes to be made as and when they are required.
  • ‘One-stop shop’ – Krakul covers everything from prototyping to large-scale manufacturing, covering all needs related to embedded systems, firmware, software, and server backend.


Krakul’s success can be seen in positive feedback from clients, who in the vast majority of cases have opted to continue their relationship for multiple projects. Since the company’s founding by Markus Järve in 2013, its reputation has grown for professional project management led by the needs of the client. This is demonstrated in Krakul’s ground-breaking work with Threod Systems, on military and civil unmanned systems (UAS) for surveillance and information collection purposes, and also in its collaborations with Flydog Marine, manufacturer of the aforementioned scientific buoys.