business overview

Levercode is an Estonian-based lab and research center for identity and proof technologies. Our primary focus is on designing and modelling of reliable, sustainable, and low risk data governance systems. We bring together extensive, long-term expertise on building foundations for large mission-critical systems. We see Governments and large corporations that own or process large amounts of data as our primary business partners and help them to execute Digital Transformation.

As data experts we fully discover and extensively analyze our client’s business processes and put our focus on data first. Based on the client’s needs, their understanding and definition of the problem, and best industry standards, we start with the design phase and build a model for a solution considering the risks and evolving regulatory environment.

We deliver a sustainable, reliable, and fully integrated proof-based system which allows clients easily extend the number of service providers and applications that work together smoothly. Moreover, the system is legal-proof and provides necessary protection to the data.

The company also has extensive experience with proof technologies (Blockchain and other DLTs), digital identification and signing systems, ledgers, payment instruments, trading platforms, gateways, tokenization, and State Cloud to render interconnected e-services in digital mycelium.

core competencies

  • Designing proof based and reliable data governance systems that operate at low risk
  • Providing digital identification and signing
  • Enabling interoperability between IT systems and registries
  • Turning trust-based solutions into proof-based platform by implementing Proof Technologies incl. Blockchain or other DLTs
  • Securing the compliance of data systems with the surrounding regulatory environment (eg. GDPR, AML)
  • Assessing the attack surface of the current IT system and infrastructure

services and solutions

  • LeverID – A Post-Quantum Capable Digital Authentication and Signature Platform.
    Read more
  • [Data] Blueprint – A Technical Roadmap to achieving low risk, reliable, and sustainable e-Government ecosystem. Read more
  • Data and risk audit, process modelling (mapping, provenance, risk evaluation, reorganization, modelling, regulatory compliance)
  • Integration of IT systems, building Secure Communication Channels (SCC)
  • Proof Technologies (PT), implementation of Blockchain and other DLTs
  • Designing and modelling of Digital Health Ecosystems