business overview

Levira is one of the biggest independent TV playout centers in Northern Europe and the leading broadcast transmission provider in Estonia.

We help local and international media companies to design TV channels and to ensure that the programs are on air 24/7 and 365 days a year. We transmit programs to the viewers to the Baltics, Scandinavia, and Central Europe as well as to the Middle East.

services we provide

Levira provides full play-out, opt-out and media distribution services, enabling its clients to take their content anywhere, anytime, in any format. Our dedicated Media Delivery Network covers Europe and beyond, enabling us to deliver content for all the different platforms: Cable, Satellite & IPTV, OTT & VOD and to different devices – TV, PC, Mobile, across all territories. In addition, we provide Votemo interactive ads and digital paid voting solutions for TV channels and streaming platforms.

Complementary PaaS, an infrastructure service model, whereby all our clients’ infrastructure needs from production to playout are covered externally by Levira, is additionally available from us. The value proposition of Levira’s unique PaaS infrastructure service model enables a reduction in the resources and CAPEX needed for managing your in-house infrastructure and its lifecycle. Levira PaaS service model enables you to re-design the media play-out operations’ value chain by abandoning the technical complexity and CAPEX while maintaining full control over all critical play-out operation activities.

Levira has long international experience as a world-class Outside Broadcasting service provider. Levira is currently focusing on AI and its application in Live Sports production. Collaborating with Pixellot, the world’s leading automated sports production solutions developer, Levira provides AI-based, fully automated solutions for sports broadcasts.

competences available

Most importantly, we rely on truly experienced and well-trained personnel and on state-of-the-art technical capabilities. We can offer any kind of TV play-out and media management from a basic simple SD service to a complex HD service with live programming, dynamic graphics, translation and many other features that today’s end-users may require. We apply high-quality standards and respond to situations quickly and flexibly. And most importantly, we can be your trusted partner in the era of traditional business models’ disruption.


Our clients are regional as well as international media companies and TV stations including Sony, Discovery, Fox and Viacom.