business overview

Founded by four software engineers, including two former Skype engineers, Mooncascade is the leading Estonian software product development and data science company. Embedded within the DNA of our company is a product engineering culture that is used to handling a complex set of platforms and business nuances. Our clients are both start-ups and corporate leaders, in Europe and in North America, who want to bring their ideas to life and stay on top of the competition. We help them to achieve this goal.


Our customers have launched an array of successful new products that have emerged from working together with Mooncascade product managers and product designers. We start from scratch, working with our clients from the ideation and concept design phase, all the way to delivery and support of the finished product. This has resulted in projects and products that have been delivered both to in-house customers as well as to B2C clients, increasing revenues, enabling upsell, as well as lifting the clients’ marketing profiles.

In our experience, transforming a business to be as data-centric as possible is a great way to increase efficiency and find new revenue models. As a separate focus area, we are working with challenges where machine learning methods unlock analysis and decision-making on top of big data. Applications include real-time location-based prediction systems for telecoms, fraud and credibility prediction tools for financial services, chat bots, image recognition, predictive maintenance and lots of other stuff.

UX/UI design is often the decisive factor in the success or failure of your product. We go through the entire UX design process with you, mapping how the product will best match the consumer habits and delivering application wireframes maximizing your business value. We design functional products that are not only practical but also look fantastic.

We are a strong team of experienced and eager engineers able to deliver mobile, web and other online applications, covering both front- and back-end development. We are able to offer fully functional teams across different aspects of product development, from Idea Discovery to Quality Assurance, from UX/UI Design to Deployment, additionally supporting with DevOps if needed.

We put special emphasis on code-reviews and meticulous testing resulting in reliable, secure and tamper-proof products and services that drive up customer satisfaction and lower business risk. Our team of testers have laser-sharp focus when it comes to spotting issues and bugs, and they know how to blend in the development and release processes in a lean, mean and effective way.


  • Business and Product Consultancy
  • End-to-End Product Development
  • MVP, Idea and Product Discovery workshops
  • Data Science and Predictive Analytics
  • UX/UI Design and Design Sprints
  • Quality Assurance

customer portfolio

Telecommunication: Elisa, Telia, Tele2, Lattelecom
Financial Technology: TransferWise, Fortumo, Monese, TWINO, COOP Pank,
Transport: Indigo, OPnGO, Wisemile
Data Science: Merck Group, TUNE, Lattelecom
Music Education: Music Sales/Hal Leonard, Virak, Cracenotes