business overview

Outl1ne is a digital product agency located in Tallinn, Estonia. We focus on UI/UX design and software development. The team consists of creative, experienced and tech-savvy people who have a passion for creating high quality products. Our mission is to boost our client’s businesses through carefully planned and well built solutions.

your business + our execution = scalable product

Think of us as your own development team. You present us with your idea and we infuse your business expertise with our product development know-how and execution. You will feel and know that we are in this together — with all the successes and struggles.

services & products

  • Start Smart – you have an idea for a product, but are not completely sure how to execute it and if there’s a market need. Before going “all-in”, we will help you create a minimum viable product (MVP) and validate it.
  • Software development – using our expertise in technologies like Laravel, React and Node.js, we are able to integrate with your development team or take over an existing project.
  • Product Design – visually appealing user interfaces and user-centered design is at the core of each one of our projects. We take pride in creating something beautiful and enjoyable to use.
  • Microservices – We’re always ready to build independent pieces of a larger product, for example an API or a web client that works with an existing API.

success stories

  • High Mobility car emulator and developer center – HIGH MOBILITY is an award-winning API platform for creating easy-to-use digital developer tools and a thriving community around connected cars.
  • Postimees – Postimees is the largest media corporation in the Baltics, as well as the only one to combine both printed and electronic media in Estonia.
  • Turnit Ride web and mobile sales – Turnit Ride is a universal digital ticketing solution for the passenger transport industry.
  • University of Tartu Institute of Genomics – Solution for the population of Estonia to collect and analyse their genes. Platform has been used to collect more than 200 000 digitally signed consent applications.