business overview

Proekspert is the leading Estonian design and product development company.

Our passion is to create life-simplifying, user-centric  and functional software solutions that enhance the world. Our team of nearly 200 technical engineers, designers, data scientists and business development specialists take pride in seeing your business in the bigger picture and create innovative solutions to work with and for people. Tunnel builders, industrial engineers, bankers, and telecommunication giants approach us for support.

Cooperation with our key customers has lasted over 20 years, because we have:
A reputation for excellent work quality among our customers. When we shake hands on something, we get it done.
A clear vision for the application of cutting-edge technologies. Being one of the first IT development companies in Estonia, we’ve created innovative solutions since 1993.
Agility. Our work is based on the Scrum methodology which allows us to implement changes rapidly. This approach saves customers’ time and money and ensures that results match expectations.
A flat organization where information is never lost due to needless layers of project managers.

For 24 years, Proekspert has been the one behind the curtain for some of Europe and Scandinavia’s top products and solutions. Today, 70% of our turnover comes from exported services.

products and services

Data-driven product design and development
We provide a full range of services starting from business analysis to the final solution needed for transforming ideas into commercial products.

We are experts in making machines and devices smarter, creating self-service environments, mobile applications, providing predictive analytics, data analysis, usability and design.

Tools for working in an agile world
Proekspert is the official reseller of Atlassian products. More than 50,000 companies worldwide are using Atlassian products for teams to track projects, collaborate, and build, which enables them to be faster and more efficient. Proekspert offers full support for Atlassian products.


  • Securely interconnected smart devices, machines, and robots
  • Integrated systems, self-service portals and mobile applications
  • Data science including automation and predictive analytics
  • UX/UI design


  • Entrepreneurship Award – Design Applier of the Year 2016
  • European Business Awards – National Champion 2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2016
  • AQAP 2110:2016

customer portfolio

Alliance Laundry Systems, Applikon Biotechnology, Danfoss Group, Danske Bank, Delux, Elisa Corporation, Enefit, Enics, ERGO Insurance Group, IPF Digital, Linak, Microsoft Corporation, Nordea Group, Reach-U, Ridango, Safran Group, Skype, Swedbank, TavexWise, Telia Company.