business overview

We partner with governments and their stakeholders to transform their states to digital, shaping the national infrastructure and conceptualising trustworthiness. To successfully achieve the concept of a forward-looking digital country, our business model embraces the dimensions of:

  • digital and electronic identity
  • cyber security
  • secure infrastructure
  • data management.

The key for us to model a national digital ecosystems is based on a unique yet universal strategic formula of a trustworthy digital identity management system that is adjustable to any country. Specifically, our formula combines strategy, people and technology in the correct sequence and in a balanced manner to manage successful implementations with beneficial results.


Fostering the desire for an information society way of living, our team favours contemporary approaches by rethinking traditional operating models that hinder governments from achieving the potential of e-governance, and combining digital technologies in an integrated, well-sequenced manner that can sustain agility, efficiency and precision.

RaulWalter ensures the desired combination of management consulting, technical, strategic and legal expertise and operational knowledge to deliver coherent and functional solutions in the dimensions of digital and electronic identity, cyber security, secure infrastructure, data exchange and primary databases:

  • vision and strategy development to define TO-BE reality. Explicitness, perceived usefulness, reachability, clarity and measurability of realisation are the keywords;
  • legal assessment and drafting to create a supportive legal framework for implementing the vision;
  • policy and strategy support to guide implementation processes;
  • process re-engineering to define TO-BE processes;
  • change management to translate TO-BE processes into organisational transformation;
  • communication and inclusion to engage key stakeholders who are needed to deliver change;
  • technology consulting to apply the proper tools for implementation;
  • system and application development to design and deliver solutions that create a meaningful impact.


  • Digital/Electronic Identity
  • Identity management
  • Digital Signature
  • Strategy development
  • Business development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software development

customer portfolio

Information System Authority of Republic of Estonia, SK ID Solutions, Gemalto, Ernst & Young, Nets Estonia, TrĂ¼b, eGovernance Academy, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Republic of Latvia, DVLA UK, SEB Bank, Demax, Deloitte.