business overview

STACC helps to build innovative data-driven services and products by providing the best expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). STACC has successfully delivered over 200 commercial data science projects and has enormously contributed to the evolution of AI in Estonia by conducting high-level applied research.

STACC was founded in 2009. Today, we provide ML solutions for various industries, including e-commerce, fintech, agritech, manufacturing and energy/utilities. We are an essential partner for the public sector in building data-driven e-government. STACC is an experienced and trusted partner in publicly funded applied research projects for industry and start-ups.

STACC is a private R&D institution officiated by the Ministry of Education and Research in 2017. Close partnerships with the Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu, give us unlimited access to the expertise of top researchers and state-of-the-art technologies.

services of STACC:

  • Technical feasibility studies for AI solutions
  • Data analysis, visualisation, and BI dashboard development
  • ML modelling and algorithm development
  • Data pipeline automation and building infrastructure to support ML
  • Software prototyping and information system development

innovation boosts growth:

  • STACC has directly contributed to the development of the core technologies driving fast-growing IT companies: Microsoft Skype, ZeroTurnaround, Reach-U, Wise, Plumbr, FoodDocs, E-Agronom, Fractory, Eurora Solutions, Messente Communications, Mifundo, Reach-U.
  • With Microsoft Skype, STACC researchers developed some of the fastest and most memory-efficient methods for calculating shortest paths in extensive graphs. Three US patent applications have been filed to protect these methods.
  • We have successfully delivered ML solutions for industrial and utility companies: Estonian Energy, Elering, ABB, and Estonian Cell.
  • In Estonia, we are the most experienced provider of fully automated personalised recommendation systems and demand prediction solutions for retail companies: Tallinna Kaubamaja, Selver, Coop, Magnum, Rahva Raamat.
  • We designed nationwide personalised medicine information architecture and data management solutions for the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • We analysed X-road v6 data exchange anomalies and built respective monitoring dashboards for The Estonian Information System Authority (RIA).
  • We have delivered dozens of AI prototypes for various state institutions, including the National Heritage Board, the Agency of Medicines, and the State Forest Management Centre.