business overview

We are a product company, not an agency!

Our unique advantage is Thorgate Ventures. The newest talents, technologies and a hyper focused sense of how to build the best solutions. Our mission is to invent, launch, scale and invest into digital products that make an impact all over the world. If not yet, then we will be the best product company in the region!

We are the leading Python development company in Europe. 9 years, more than 20 awards and +150 projects under our belt, we’ve grown into a dedicated team ready to change the world. We’d be able to help you with not only with development but with business strategy, change management and product design as well.

We believe that our clients are our partners. Our goal is helping best-in-class companies to automate processes, minimize costs, boost sales and customer engagement through digital products.

We think people, not products. We build products for forward thinkers. We are the Nordic tech powerhouse.

success stories

Building success by building partnerships. We design and develop custom digital solutions for clients like: Coop, Telia, Estonian Road Administration, Information System Authority, Veebimajutus, Pipedrive, CleanCapital, ETH Zurich Croud, Krah Pipes, Operail, Estonian Timber Associaton, TESTILO, Cambridge University, HealX and many more.


Combining a strategic approach to product development with technology and design expertise to shape your business idea into a digital product that is able to achieve defined goals. Our business goal is to enable you to achieve yours, so our business strategists will dig deep into your business to find optimal options for your project.

Our proven track record of building scalable solutions for multiple industries has lead us to gathering this know-how to our Digital Transformation Consulting team.

It’s all about leveraging technology to give your customers/employees a better user experience. We are always up to date with the latest tech trends in order to give you qualified advice for your project. From development to digital marketing and business models we will find the best solution for your business.

We strongly believe that the future of applications lies in the way they analyze data and commend further actions. That is why Python, Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data Engineering are the core strategic areas we invest in. We combine deep mathematical expertise with strategic thinking and a passion for our client’s success.


• Python
• Django
• React


• Industry 4.0
• Connected Hardware
• Smart Cities
• Logistics
• Forestry
• HealthTech
• FinTech
• Government Solutions
• ePolice