Trinidad Wiseman

business overview

We create human-centric services with a digital focus. 

Trinidad Wiseman is a leading Estonian service design and digital transformation company with clients across various verticals such as telecoms, finance, insurance, real estate, tech companies, and governments worldwide.

We are renowned specialists in creating Digital Government E-Services, UX experience design, user research, systems analysis, business analysis, usability studies and software development. We have over 100 specialists who are experts in creating, implementing and integrating complex enterprise-level systems across all types of use cases.

Our development experience spans the depth of security-critical information systems throughout all public sector departments. We developed national solutions for but are not limited to, cyber security centres, digital identity solutions, border control information systems, e-Police, money laundering prevention systems, population registries, hospital information systems.

We are the digital transformation and service design partner of many large international institutions such as European Union institutions; the European Union Energy Regulators, The European Union Space Agency, The Publications Office of the European Union and European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Agency and large international organisations such as Fujitsu, TransferWise lots of others.

We develop e-service solutions with the future in mind so that we can all live comfortably tomorrow. As a partner, we do not dictate how everything must be done. Instead, we support our clients on their journeys and help them achieve their desired results.

15+ years of partnerships 

  • 60% of the workload public sector projects
  • 40% of the workload private sector projects

our core services are

  • software development
  • service design
  • UX/UI design
  • neuro UX
  • systems analysis
  • business analysis
  • Atlassian services

memberships, awards and certificates

  • Member of UX fellows – being part of network of UX agencies, of which membership gives us the opportunity to carry out researches all over the world.
  • Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • 2016 Award for becoming a Gazelle Company
  • 2018 Digitegu award in web development category

customer portfolio

Tallink, Eurofund, ACER, Telia, Nokia, Elering, Eesti Energia, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Education and Research, Police and Border Guard, Celsius Healthcare