account-based ticketing

Ridango has been a regional frontrunner in account-based ticketing (ABT) already for more than a decade. Based on this experience, our modular, scalable and customer centric solutions offer ticketing simplicity and seamless travel for all passenger groups.

Ridango always focuses on usability and reliability, so that passenger experience is nothing less than exceptional. Ridango’s ticketing solutions support contactless bank card (EMV) payments, mobile ticketing and QR-codes, with maximum flexibility in fare calculations. The variety of ticketing media allows the selection of the most comfortable purchasing method for any customer and geographical region.

Our ABT solutions support closed-loop travel cards, contactless bank card (cEMV) payments, mobile ticketing and QR codes, with maximum flexibility in fare calculations.

We provide ABT solutions with both:

  • Closed-loop travel cards and QR-codes
  • Open-loop EMV contactless bank cards

Our ABT solutions also feature:

  • Mobile ticketing
  • API integrations for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Account Based Ticketing can operate in both an online and offline world. Appropriate revenue protection measures are used for risk management. Data is regularly synchronized, depending on the network capabilities and technical configuration of the system, enabling offline operations and continuous service even during network outages.

Account Based Ticketing benefits

  • Simple to understand. Best price fare policy.
  • Convenient to use. Modern and comfortable ways to pay.
  • Efficient service. Less congestion, improved customer experience.
  • Lower costs for operators. No heavy infrastructure.