aiToldYou is virtual salesman who works 24/7, doing more work than your whole sales team. PERK – it does not need guidance or require salary increases.

aiToldYou allows you to become proactive and automatically sends out pre-filled orders. PERK – it makes you the fastest on the market.

aiToldYou uses prediction science to analyze your data and find out your customers’ exact needs – before they do. PERK – it increases customer satisfaction by making their lives easier.


How aiToldYou works

Analyzing your historical sales and quotation data aiToldYou software will find your customers’ behavior patterns.

Using machine learning our production engine will adapt to changes in your customer behavior and always knows what and when they need. Based on that aiToldYou will send out pre-filled, accurately timed personalized bookings with historical price comparison to your customers in order to get fast booking confirmation. Each confirmation or decline will be analyzed and taken account of in the next prediction to get even better closing results.



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