civil warning

The most effective way to warn citizens about potential hazards.

Using solely location information, you can distribute a Civil Warning Broadcast to any mobile phone in a geofenced area, including prepaid and “roaming” devices.
Message anyone in potential risk of danger, plus get a comprehensive list of alerted citizens.

SMS broadcasts reach everyone who:

  • is currently in a specified area
  • is about to enter a specified area
  • is connected to that area based on historical data
  • is likely to travel through that area


Tailor messages to specific groups to advise them to shelter in place, avoid dangers, or change responses as they enter or leave the designated area.


  • Local governments
  • Emergency responders
  • Law enforcement
  • 112 and 911 dispatch
  • Traffic control

Existing Use Case

An earthquake created a major tsunami threat for a Pacific Ocean coastal city. Emergency SMS messages warned everyone in the area within minutes. People who could not evacuate could reply directly and request assistance, while rush-hour drivers were diverted to free up roads for responders.