contactless payments

Ridango’s ticketing solutions support contactless bank card (cEMV) payments directly in validators.

Pay-As-You-Go is the best way to access public transport for occasional travellers, but it also helps local people, as the bank cards can be used as tokens for period passes.

Ridango contactless EMV solution is developed specially for public transport purposes, in full compliance with Visa and Mastercard guidelines for Mass Transit. We can cover the full EMV payment chain, starting from the tap at a validator until a settlement on authority’s or operator’s bank account.

Ridango’s EMV solution is also PCI-DSS certified, granting travelers that their transactions and card data are secure.

Contactless bank card payment benefits

  • As easy as it can get. Just tap your EMV bank card.
  • Simple to understand. Pay-As-You-Go and best price fare policy.
  • Efficient service. Minimum hassle with traveler boarding, improved customer experience.
  • Interoperability. Accepted open-loop EMV bank cards are used globally.