digital identity (mobile-ID)

If you want a tried-and-tested eID tool that works anywhere in the world, mobile-ID is an excellent choice. Although mobile-ID can be used by any country, this is not, by any means, a cookie-cutter solution.

That’s why we assess local conditions and capacities for a tailored service. There is the subsequent possibility of implementing or improving e-services such as e-banking, health, tax, customs, commerce, and more. When using mobile-ID, you open the gate to a digital future.


  • Equivalent to a Passport
    Mobile-ID works like a physical identification method in the real world, such as a passport or ID card. It can be used to access e-services and confirm transactions or to sign e-documents.
  • No Internet Required
    Because mobile-ID does not need an internet connection, it allows the building of e-services appropriate for everyone. It can do this with either feature phones or smartphones. This makes it perfect for developing regions and rural areas.
  • Accessible to All
    With a mobile device in almost everybody’s pocket, it makes sense to use that to your advantage. Users do not need device upgrades or application downloads and require no card reader.
  • Only 6 Months to Set Up
    We make sure mobile-ID is budget-conscious and timely. The mobile-ID ecosystem uses vital e-services, all of which are open for future development.
  • Simplicity for Users
    Regardless of the e-channel used (internet, USSD, SMS or a call centre), the service is always simple for the end-user. Authentication and transactions are carried out with 4 or 5-digit PIN numbers.
  • Inclusive
    Opening the door to e-services provides an equal opportunity for everyone to be a part of  modern society. This prevents a digital divide from developing.
  • Fully Compliant with Legislation (KYC, AML, and KYB)
    For trustworthy transactions to happen, all parties must be verified. mobile-ID is the cornerstone of all legal e-interaction between people, businesses, and the state.
  • Trusted security
    Proven technology is used in order to provide the highest level of assurance, including KYC procedures. An identity is embedded on a SIM card, which has been used in mobile phones for over 30 years. The highest level of security is achieved with elliptical curve cryptography and PKI.
  • Low OPEX and CAPEX
    This is a highly scalable solution with unrivalled smart automation of deployment. It is vendor-neutral, with no supply chain costs.


The OECD’S published case study for B.EST Solutions’ mobile-ID, operated in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2014. Read more.


Following the implementation of mobile-ID in Azerbaijan:

  • 90% of tax declarations are completed online
  • 100% of labour contracts are signed online
  • 100% of B2B and B2G invoices are transferred online
  • 650+ public and private e-services are available
  • There have been over 90 million digital signatures
  • 100% of custom declarations are completed online
  • All major banks are connected to and issue mobile-ID
  • mobile-ID is recognised by the UN and OECD
  • 95% of mobile devices on the market are suitable for mobile-ID
  • Every digital signature saves Azerbaijan at least 1 USD
  • All local MNOs issue mobile-ID