digital trade hub

Become the Amazon or Alibaba of a country with a cross-border e-commerce platform that simplifies export procedures for local SMEs, all verified by the state. Digital Trade Hub (DTH) connects different stakeholders and policy areas across sectors, borders and institutions, making it easy to move goods legally between countries.

  • The opportunity
    Global B2B e-commerce is projected to be worth €6.7 trillion by 2021. The stage is set for companies to tap into that opportunity as seamless e-trade will foster economic progress and accelerate political relationships worldwide.
  • The challenge
    Accessible digital infrastructure is key in unlocking the market. Entrepreneurs need solutions to overcome red tape and bureaucracy in order to access global e-commerce.
  • The solution
    DTH provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect to global markets. It allows the seamless trade of goods on a broad scale and makes a profound impact locally, regionally and globally.


  • Single window for export
    DTH is an e-commerce platform that carries out import-export procedures digitally, including customs.
  • Backed by the government
    Fraudulent transactions are prevented since only authorized users can access the DTH. This gives buyers confidence that sellers are who they say they are.
  • Integration with Amazon, Alibaba and eBay
    Integration with global e-commerce players allows for products and services to reach buyers in all regions of the world. 
  • Stronger political and economic relationships
    What’s the benefit of e-commerce for political and economic relationships? It’s simple. A country that can’t trade can’t have economic relationships, because economic relationships are a form of trade.
  • Easy and convenient e-services
    DTH facilitates cross-border e-services such as e-customs, e-invoicing, e-banking, the opening of a company, taxes and accounting as well as e-document management including certificates of origin, phytosanitary documents, shipping documents and many more.
  • Open source technology
    The technology behind DTH is vendor-neutral and supports unlimited speed and traffic volume. It is not a cloud solution, and each country as a system owner may download it and install it into their own environment. Governments have full control of their own data and its usage. After that, they can easily make a secure data exchange with any other country’s DTH.
  • Trusted and legally binding
    Trust, security and interoperability are established between all players because services are validated and transactions are guaranteed by legally binding documents.
  • Trade regulations made easy
    Different stakeholders and policy areas are connected within a holistic approach across sectors, borders and institutions to make it easier to navigate trade regulations between countries.
  • Paperless and seamless
    E-documents related to importation, exportation, customs and transit are electronically created, submitted, issued, shared and managed and are all validated and guaranteed by national governments.


OECD’S published case study for B.EST Solutions Digital Trade Hub in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2017

The DTH in Azerbaijan was recognised as an outstanding innovation as it generated $475 million worth of goods ordered in the first year of activity, contributing to the increase of non-oil exports by 27%. Read more.