e-signature platform and software

An e-signature platform is a secure way to create, share and store legally binding digital documents. It’s simple for the user yet provides total reliability and control.


  • Tamper-proof environment
    Secured against forgery, as no alterations can be made after signing. 
  • Audit trail
    All e-signatures made by users on a document are captured in a detailed overview.
  • Supports all document formats
    From Microsoft Word to PDF files, sign documents in the format you need.
  • Works with all e-identities
    Use your preferred digital identity solution to sign documents, whether that’s Mobile-ID, a smart card or something else.
  • Legally binding e-signatures
    Qualified electronic signatures, which are equal to handwritten signatures, are supported.
  • Sign, share, collect and store e-signatures
    Access is only given to authorised people who are verified by their personal digital identity, making workflow management secure and convenient.
  • Automatic notification
    Get updated when a document needs your signature or when others have signed a document.
  • Signature validation
    Check whether signatures provided by others are valid.
  • Archive, search and filter
    Manage documents by categories and find them quickly when needed.
  • Multilingual interface
    Work in the language that you prefer.


AsanDoc e-signing portal and software in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The AsanDoc portal ensures convenient and legal communication with public institutions and banks in Azerbaijan. It is used for concluding entrepreneurial agreements and makes document circulation between private companies easier.