EasyFS leasing and asset financing from Tietoevry

Leasing and asset financing

Take full control over the lifecycle of a leasing product. Our leasing and asset financing software functions as a fully functional vendor-financing platform with proper origination handling from different points of sale.

To offer a customer-centric and high added-value package for today’s customers, we have bundled different features to enable you to provide car and machinery lease as well as setting up a vendor-financing module. We help you in the everyday tasks by offering professional service support, consultancy and technical assistance.

EasyFS® Leasing & Asset financing software offers the possibility to export data to an external accounting system (Navision) and has more than 30 integrations with credit and car registries, insurance brokers and tax authorities.


  • Automated Credit Decision (ACD) making
  • Built-in risk scoring
  • ReportLab for generating and holding different documents
  • Integrations with insurance brokers, credit registries and accounting systems
  • Digital channels with a flexible and intuitive interface