emergency call centre solution

Civil Safety Application (CSA) and 911 Applications have been created for:

  • improving the speed of emergency communications
  • increasing public safety
  • allowing customers to reduce their own risks


This can be critical for determining the exact point of origin of 911 or 112 calls.

CSA enables rescue, police, or ambulance crews to be dispatched despite a caller being unable to specify their location. The application is likewise useful for situations in which there may be confusion caused by similar place names.

CSA locates the caller’s mobile phone within few seconds with an accuracy of up to 50 meters. The result is mapped, giving rescuers an accurate visual tool on their desktops or phones.

Additionally, CSA provides the ability to set up real-time tracking to monitor the subscriber’s movement in chosen intervals, generating alarms based on the subscriber’s movements:

  • staying inside the area
  • leaving the area
  • entering the area
  • getting close to a specific area.


Users of CSA can see the warning on the monitor or receive it via SMS. This allows traffic to be quickly re-routed and evacuation information to be shared in case of landslides, earthquakes, wildfires, or tsunamis.