EyeVi – mobile mapping solution

EyeVi offers on-demand mapping technology – a full mobile mapping solution for capturing high accuracy geodata cost effectively and fast using AI.

The product encompasses a sensor-agnostic mapping hardware set and a software package that provides an easy-to-use end-user platform through their processing pipeline. Raw data can be extrapolated and processed, and more than 20 features can be extracted.

This enables self-driving cars, digital asset management, traffic assessment, digital twins, and unlimited possibilities.


  • Experience – EyeVi’s team consists of GIS specialists who have worked on a variety of mapping projects over the past 5 years. This key expertise is instrumental in their research and development.
  • Cost effectiveness – EyeVi offers 10x more accuracy and end-use cases than their competitors at the same pricing level. EyeVi provides a high-end full solution but at market-disrupting ROI and OPEX.


  • Road survey and inspection agencies
  • Infrastructure asset managers
  • GIS/IT solutions companies
  • Engineering, consulting, and design firms


  • Traficom
  • GIAP
  • Lehmann
  • Ramboll
  • Autori
  • Phixel


  • EyeVi solution provides 50% in labour savings at 10% higher accuracy compared to manual image digitisation or on-site mapping.


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