secure data-exchange platform

B.EST Solutions is a recognised X-ROAD® technology partner in NIIS (Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions).

The acclaimed X-Road technology, used in Estonia and several other countries, allows the exchange of data over secure, encrypted channels, and serves as one of the core enablers for a digital transformation. X-Road is the technological foundation for valuable e-governmental services – the kind that improve the lives of people and businesses by being available anytime, anywhere.


The secure data exchange platform connects two partner information systems using the following steps:

  1. Partners are identified
  2. A secure channel is created between systems
  3. Communication is encrypted end to end
  4. Each transaction is digitally signed
  5. Data usage file logs are created
  6. File logs are time stamped


  • Reliable
    Since its launch in 2001 by the Republic of Estonia, X-Road has been working without any downtime and survived the world’s first cyber conflict in 2007.
  • Secure
    Due to its structure and architecture, it is protected from traditional attack vectors.
  • Scalable
    It can connect an unlimited number of servers, making it affordable for infrastructure of any size.
  • Cost efficient
    Thanks to low maintenance costs and vendor and technological neutrality, it is an affordable solution.


B.EST Solutions is the first company in the world to implement the X-Road solution in building an e-government outside of the Republic of Estonia. Since 2010, it has launched 650 governmental e-services in the Republic of Azerbaijan, connecting the public and private sectors in a country of 10 million people. The solution has become a critical part of Azerbaijan’s digital infrastructure.


The project to create an e-government information system (EGSIS) and e-government portal ( along with infrastructure, buildings, hardware and software was based on the well-established Estonian X-Road system and  adapted to the needs of the Azerbaijani e-environment. All services in the governmental portal have been integrated with the national eID (based on Mobile-ID). All state and private authorities have been integrated with the system.