land registry

The e-Land Registry contains information on all land ownership relations – Land Reference number, Location, Land size, Name of Registered Owner, Postal address of owner, Land Tenure, Permitted land Usage, Encumbrances, Restrictions, Mortgages. It allows for fast and easy queries and verification of details in the registry based on laws regarding the availability of such data to the public.

The solution is supported by geographical information system (GIS) and integrated with other databases, e.g. population registry and state taxation office through the X-Road interoperability layer.

The land registry is a working tool for land related state and municipal authorities, the real-estate market, banks, land developers and surveyors.


  • No need to visit land offices to seek publicly accessible information
  • No need for paper-based transactions
  • Fully up-to-date records regarding land at all times
  • Saving time on all transactions
  • Transparency of land and related services


  • National governments
  • Local and municipal governments
  • Public institutions and organizations
  • Private organizations
  • Individual landowners