land taxation

Using Land Registry as the basis for information, local government or central government authorities are able to stipulate relevant land taxation rates to be levied. These rates are based on property and land usage data available in the land registry. Based on the combination of the data from land registries and taxation zones, landowners and authorities can have a clear view of taxes due. Integration with bank records reconciles payments and displays full, current and accurate data regarding taxes collected and taxes due.

Integrations to population registry, cadastral registry, GIS systems, state environmental and land authorities and address databases, it is a single source of truth regarding land parcels, land usage, land related taxpayers, land taxation rates and status on payments.


  • Easy overview of land related taxation transactions
  • Fully up-to-date records regarding land rates, levies and taxation at all times


  • National governments
  • Local and municipal governments
  • Individual landowners