Boost ease of doing business and foreign direct investment by offering entrepreneurs and global diasporas access to the same infrastructure and e-services a government provides its own citizens. Open the door to location-independent trade and investment with m-Residency.

What can m-Residents do? 

Any global entrepreneur can become an m-Resident and access the services needed to open and manage a company remotely. They can sign documents, open a bank account and conduct banking online with a mobile phone as well as submit taxes and customs declarations – all electronically.

What are the benefits of m-Residency?

Today’s shifting global economies and new technologies present an opportunity to connect to global investment and entrepreneurship in a revolutionary new way. With m-Residency, countries can boost their rankings in measurements like the World Bank’s ease of doing business index or the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report by allowing businesses to access services remotely.


We launched m-Residency in the Republic of Azerbaijan with 79 diplomatic embassies around the world issuing it.

Azerbaijan has since risen in prestigious rankings including:

  • The World Bank’s ease of doing business index 2019 (25th place)
  • The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2018 (35th place)

The ceremonial launch of m-Residency was at the “Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan” conference in 2018, organized by the country’s Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication under presidential decree. At the event, Azerbaijan’s first e-Residency was symbolically given to the head of the EU delegation and the first m-Residency to the general director of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, one of the largest Islamic organisations in the world. This reflects the philosophy of m-Residency and of Azerbaijan: to connect East and West, North and South.