real estate transactions

Real estate is one of the most valued possessions a person can have. The system, the registries that store the data about the ownership and encumbrance of immovables must be secure, accurate and up to date at all times. In Estonia, the e-Land Register stores data about all immovables. One can easily and quickly see information about an immovable – ownership, restrictions and encumbrances. Using a system that exchanges data securely, in Estonia the X-Road, makes concluding real estate transactions faster and more efficient. This means that the entire process of registration – conveyancing of immovable property covering preparation, forwarding and processing of registration applications and making registration entries is electronic.


  • eliminates the need to keep physical archives to store contracts and files;
  • data in the land register is trusted by all;
  • faster and more transparent transactions;
  • parties receive full information as it occurs from verification of ownership, to status on land rates to payment of state taxes to verification of the transaction by notary;
  • eliminates the possibility to dispose property simultaneously more than once.


  • National governments
  • Local and municipal governments
  • Individual landowners
  • Banks and other loan institutions
  • Notaries