real-time information

Real-time info helps customers to plan their journey more accurately. Information can be presented on the displays on-board of vehicles, but also on platform and sideway infotainment screens, as well as in mobile and web applications.

For authorities and operators, online vehicle tracking enables seeing their location and device status in real-time. Dispatch view, schedule adherence information, performance statistics and location history provide a powerful tool for authorities and operators to improve their service level.

Real time information includes:

  • Automatic vehicle location (AVL)
  • Real-time passenger information (RTPI)
  • Core (back-end, back-office)
  • Voice announcements
  • Information distribution (on-board and off-board)
  • Automatic passenger counting (APC)
  • Reports
  • API’s
  • Devices

Real-time information benefits

  • Efficient planning. Real-time arrival and departure information.
  • Instant Adjustments. Notifications about service disruptions.
  • Fleet control. On-line dispatching and schedule adherence overview.
  • In-depth analysis. Reporting on performance statistics and location history.