Using state-of-the-art science and technology, we fuse collected data, and build robust process optimization models tailored to specific business needs. In this way, our analytics service enables electronics manufacturers to get the most out of their data.

Our experienced process mining experts use efficient data analysis, modelling, and process discovery methods to help the EMSs, OEMs and OBMs in electronics manufacturing businesses to solve a different of optimization and quality improvement challenges. To improve decision making, they provide situational awareness with dynamic views.


  • Continuous learning from collected production process data
  • Quantitative decision support for continuous process optimization
  • A virtual shop-floor map that improves real-time situational awareness, thanks to its dynamic and continuously-updated features
  • Improved KPI-s and shop-floor efficiency
    Production and quality management cost optimization


  • Electronics manufactures
  • Production managers


Global electronics manufacturers

Let simFactory integrate your assets, and apply them to boost the usability of production data. To see our technology in action, contact us for a demo.