solutions from AgileWorks

AgileWorks is a software boutique that is developer owned and managed.
We provide software development and consultation services based on agile principles.


Software development – we create tailored software using agile methodologies and best practices. We believe that software should respond to the needs of business, and we know that business needs are constantly changing.

UI/UX ­­­– good software also means a well-thought-out user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Code review – we look over your source code to determine any potential quality and security problems. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Consultation – maybe you have an idea for a product but you would like a professional opinion? Perhaps you need software that will increase productivity and decrease costs? Maybe you need to review an old code base or get a second opinion on estimates and contracts? Whatever the question, feel free to ask.


  • Short development cycles – we go from concept to implementation in 1-2 weeks. The outcome of each cycle is presented in the form of a working solution
  • Constant overview and feedback
  • Flexibility in terms of agreements, deadlines and budgets
  • Minimized risks


  • Intelligent search
  • Process automation
  • Cloud services
  • E-learning
  • Digital identity/digital signatures
  • Logistics/transport
  • Collaboration tools
  • Self-servicing


“Opiq” e-learning system

Opiq is a shared e-learning platform for all the parties involved in a learning process, connecting pupils, parents, teachers, publishers and school staff effectively with each other. It is designed for professional study content.
Features: professional content (textbooks + exercises); class registers; study management; study analytics; precise communication channel; smart evaluation.

DigiDoc app

DigiDoc app is a Windows Phone app which allows you to sign, open and e-mail digitally signed documents. It’s an essential part of the Estonia ́s online government infrastructure and the success story of e-Estonia.
The app has received more than 3000 downloads in the first 5 months since its launch, and enjoys a 4.5+ star rating in the Windows Store. It was featured as “App of the week” of Microsoft Estonia.

Ticket Sales Systems with Mobile Apps

We handled development and maintenance of the ticket sales system for Elron – the largest passenger train operator in Estonia. The system includes web sales, offline sales from PDA devices, administration, and reporting.

Electronic Waybill System

The Electronic Waybill System with a mobile client application allows Estonian raw timber sellers, transporters, and buyers to replace the mandatory paper waybill with an electronic one.

Built with HTML5, the application can be run on any device – both online and offline.

Toomas Mattson National Audit Office of Estonia, Communication Manager

“We are pleased with the flexibility of AgileWorks – instead of saying that something is impossible, the team constantly thinks of new ways to solve problems. AgileWorks represents a different kind of work culture.”