validation centre

Become a digital notary for e-signatures connecting countries and regional economies. The Validation Centre platform allows the possibility for easy and secure handling of digital signatures received from different providers and sources. This is the foundation to creating a trusted environment for e-transactions, fostering economic ties such as cross-border e-trade between countries on a global scale.


  • Validation and extension of a digital signatures
  • Formats of the signed documents include: XML, PDF, DOC, TXT, ZIP…
  • Packaging structures: enveloping, enveloped, detached and internally detached
  • Forms of digital signatures: XAdES, CAdES, PAdES and ASiC-S/ASiC-E
  • Revocation data handling (OCSP and CRL sources)
  • Trust management
  • Certificate chain building

The platform is built to meet international standards and requirements. It is also compliant with the ETSI standards on signature validation (both protocol and verification report).


  • Enables the verification of digitally signed documents (logistics, transport, customs, phytosanitary certificates, invoices, etc.)
  • Verification is supported for both EU and non-EU sources
  • Contributes to the creation of an automated and paperless economy for all stakeholders, including transport authorities, roads offices and logistics companies


State authorities interested in the digitalisation of state services, and associated stakeholders, ranging from public sector organisations (e.g. transport authorities, roads offices) to private companies (e.g. logistics).


B.EST Solutions implemented a Validation Centre for electronic signatures in the Republic of Georgia (PSDA – Public Service Development Agency).