Auve Tech

business overview

Auve Tech specializes in the development and manufacturing of autonomous transportation systems. We offer a full-scope service that entails autonomous vehicles, their integration to various environments and fleet management.


MiCa is Auve Tech’s new generation of last mile shuttle that can drive autonomously in a pre-mapped area. It is equipped with lidars, cameras and a range of sensors in order to perceive the surrounding environment and react to it. MiCa can seat 8 and with fast charging option, can operate up to 22 hours per day. The shuttle is perfect for deployment in closed areas, such as university and industrial campuses or entertainment areas, and due to its low speed of up to 25 km/h is suitable for suburban residential areas, also on public roads in mixed traffic conditions.

about us

Our entire development, production and implementation is done in-house, making the vehicles flexible enough to be suitable for a variety of different customers and applications. We offer full scope turnkey solutions that include special vehicles, mapping, setting up the fleet, monitoring and service. Our team consists of interdisciplinary specialists that are actively working towards better solutions and eager to tackle new challenges.