autonomous transport solution

Auve Tech specialises in the development and manufacture of autonomous transportation systems. They offer a full-scope service that entails the autonomous vehicles, their integration to various environments, and fleet management.

Auve has developed the world’s most compact and flexible level-4 autonomous shuttle, which can be implemented in the existing infrastructure and can already operate on public roads. The shuttle, Iseauto, is aimed at enhancing last-mile transportation, offering an alternative means of transport in closed areas and mixed traffic environments to make them safe, smart and sustainable.

Iseauto’s main features

Iseauto is designed for last-mile applications and can drive autonomously on a pre-mapped area. It is equipped with three LiDARs and five cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment in order to analyse it and react to it accordingly. A fleet of shuttles can also be teleoperated from a control room.

Iseauto is a low-speed vehicle that drives up to 25 km/h. It can fit up to eight passengers and is able to operate for eight hours with one charge. Iseauto can be deployed in business districts, airports, and all kinds of closed campuses, large service areas or suburban residential areas.

Key benefits

  • A smarter, safer and more sustainable mode of public transport;
  • Its small and lightweight build fits narrow roads;
  • The shuttles can make use of existing infrastructure without additional investment;
  • A fleet of shuttles can be teleoperated from a distance instead of having an operator for each shuttle;
  • The only company that can provide the full-scope autonomous shuttle service – starting from manufacturing the vehicle, to meeting any special needs and operating and servicing the shuttles.

Past operations and value created

Auve has proven its concept and its ability to handle different real-life challenges on a university campus, zoo, an open-air museum, business districts and many other closed areas and mixed traffic environments including even the official WRC rally stage. Auve Tech self-driving shuttles have been operating in Estonia, Finland and Greece.

For example, one of the pilots featuring the shuttle has connected Ülemiste City – the biggest privately-owned business campus in Northern Europe – with Tallinn International Airport and Ülemiste shopping centre. The autonomous bus was officially a part of Tallinn’s public transportation system and provided the opportunity to test out a new mobility service in the city for the first time with many passengers.