business overview

Finestmedia is a strategic digital transformation partner to its clients, offering expert consultation, business roadmap creation, and IT solutions such as infrastructure solutions for e-government, government registries and databases, e-service and self-service environments for both the public and private sector. The company’s clients rely on Finestmedia’s full life-cycle support including business analysis, creative engineering and support for smooth operations.

Finestmedia’s vision is to inspire the creation of the finest digital solutions together with its clients, partners and a dedicated team of over 100 people in its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia and its subsidiary in Gdansk, Poland.

We seek to create higher business value and focus on long-term partnerships, thus allowing a more strategic approach to the digitalization of our customers’ services and operations. We enjoy solving complicated tasks, which present different challenges for the whole development team and which can be looked back on after implementation with pride and satisfaction.

Finestmedia has written its name into the history of e-Estonia with the digital identity and document signing mobile app DigiDoc for iOS and Android, the Mobile-ID solution and the Estonian state portal Since then, Finestmedia has developed several long-term partnerships with public sector organizations and is widely regarded as a reliable expert who can be trusted with developing and maintaining critically important government service platforms used by millions of people every day.

some of our success stories:

  • Assembling the units and registries of the National Road Administration into an integrated traffic registry system ARIS2 which contains more than 110 million entries, making it one of the biggest and most widely used systems in Estonia.
  • Analysis and development of the system for managing and processing the National Unemployment Fund insurance premiums, redundancy payments and bankruptcy compensations in the total amount of over 50 million euros. Guaranteeing the functionality, stability and reliability of a system which has zero tolerance for mistakes or disruptions.
  • Building a registry for compiling and publishing of the recorded sessions, speeches, inquiries, and other verbatim records of the Parliament (Riigikogu) of the Republic of Estonia in partnership with the researchers of Tallinn Technical University.
  • Conducting the analysis and development in order to integrate the Estonian Professional Fisheries Register and Fleet Register into the United Nations Fisheries Language for Universal eXchange (FLUX) built to limit overfishing and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in international waters.
  • Developing systems for the Police and Border Guard to manage information on illegal immigrants, process visa applications, traffic violations, etc., and integrating the national registries and data layers to international platforms for an effective exchange of information.
  • Development and maintenance of the National Emergency Call Centre GIS-112 solution to improve the registering and processing of emergency calls and organizing the resources to respond to the emergency situations, as well as the applications of the mobile workspace in the rescue and ambulance trucks.
  • Doubling the revenue of Hansapost, the biggest e-commerce retailer in the Baltic region and expanding its cross-border opportunities with a new e-shop platform including marketing and e-commerce solution, product information management, integration with ERP, interface with dropship logistics partners, payment solutions and other applications.
  • Launching an in-house start-up project to build the custom-made payment transaction platform Maksekeskus – a solution which has become an integral part of the Estonian e-commerce landscape and is also entering new markets in neighboring countries.


  • E-Government registries, e-services and e-ID
  • Banking, payment platforms and grants management
  • Integration of national registries to international platforms
  • Homeland Security information systems
  • E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management
  • Custom-made Service Platforms


  • Full life-cycle business management
  • Strategic partnership
  • Business analysis & expert consultation
  • Strategic workshops
  • Digital transformation
  • Solution development and management
  • Support and maintenance


  • Äripäev Gazelle Company Award 2019 –1% of Estonian companies who increase their turnover and profits by more than 50% for three years in a row
  • Baltic e-Commerce Award 2018 for the e-commerce solution Hansapost, the biggest online retailer in the Baltic region
  • E-Commerce Solution 2014 award for the AndMoreFashion e-commerce solution for Baltika, the leading fashion brand house in the Baltics
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • InRiver Gold Partner
  • EPiServer Solutions Partner
  • ISO9001 certificate