e-commerce transformation solutions

In integrating all critical aspects of the organisation online and offline for full product enrichment and optimisation of organisational roles, our customers experience faster growth and easier management of existing markets and channels through our e-commerce transformation solutions.


Finestmedia is involved from the conceptualisation stage – analysing and sketching specific business needs. Through workshops we facilitate the change management necessary for adoption and devotion to the new digital architecture of your organisation.


A cutting-edge online store needs to be a dynamic platform, adapting and changing automatically to your visitors’ interests and requirements. Dynamic campaign management tools allow reaching your customers in various ways with auto-generated, yet tailored, offerings based on their past behaviour. Utilising EPiServer CMS, e-commerce and marketing automation platform, your digital channels will withstand all of e-commerce’s key challenges as well as being fast, easy to use, mobile-friendly and secure.


Finestmedia is the Baltic market leader in effective PIM solutions integrated into your ERP, e-commerce and other back-office solutions. With InRiver PIM, you centralise all product data, while decentralising the collection and input work. Integrating suppliers and dealers’ systems with a PIM solution automates and optimises all activities related to the enrichment of product information.

Finestmedia is a Microsoft Gold Partner, InRiver PIM Gold Partner and EPiServer Solution Partner.


Hansapost, Baltika Group, Maksekeskus, Bauhof, Eesti Pagar, Selver, Tallink, Kaubamaja, and many more.