GenNet Lab

business overview

GenNet Laboratories is the market leader in the IT healthcare market in Estonia. From our beginnings in 1991, our company became a pioneer in the usage and distribution of computer networks in Estonia. For years, we have worked in the sales and installation of network software. We designed and installed extensive LAN networks in several government organizations as early as 1992–1993.

However, our management team had already correctly foreseen that the network software market would mature in a few years. Recognizing the huge business opportunity in the fast-emerging software market of Hospital Information Systems (HIS), GenNet Lab took the decision to diversify into this market and invested in hiring an A-team of engineers and healthcare professionals (our assets) to develop state-of-the-art software to digitize the healthcare system. Since then, we have developed and sold state-of-the-art HIS to public and private hospitals, family health centers and other small- and medium-sized medical institutions, with different budget requirements.

we can proudly say that we have achieved strong long-term relations with blood centers, transfusion services and hospitals

The Estonian Blood Service Information System is internationally renowned for providing high reliability in blood banking and as the first implementation in the world of new international standard ISBT128.

we have years of successful collaboration with 

  • the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
  • the Estonian e-Health Foundation
  • the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and other institutions

Today we are pleased to say that GenNet Lab has developed into an influential IT company not to be overlooked in Estonian healthcare.

Our company only employs professionals who have extensive experience in this market and who possess high-level technical knowledge in industry standards such as HL7, IHE, ISBT128 and the recent Joint Commission International (JCI), FHIR, PostgreSQL.

GenNet Lab dominates the Hospital Information System market in Estonia 

(implemented in 35 healthcare enterprises, 56% of all active care hospitals and several specialized healthcare facilities and family practitioners).