HEDA (Health Enterprise Data and Applications), is our novel software solution that is EHR and HIPAA compliant. HEDA has been designed to make our company more attractive (value proposition) and competitive (price) in the export market.

Key benefits

HEDA offers many new benefits to its customers.

  • HEDA is an open platform, meaning that the customers are free to develop their own applications and interface them with HEDA. This is a powerful advantage because an open platform decreases dependence from the vendor, hence eliminating any future growth restrictions of the client.
  • HEDA ensures healthcare institutions to become compliant with industry standards such as HL7 (including FHIR), CDA, ISBT128, HIPAA, thus evolving along with the trends and regulations.
  • The interface design is centred around user (doctor, nurse, laboratory technician, hospital manager or patient) needs and level of engagement. Therefore, data can be represented in different ways that can be clearly understood and acted upon by all stakeholders in the healthcare hierarchy.
  • By integrating Cloud and Big Data technologies, HEDA offers superior information management and accessibility, and can uncover hidden insights (patterns) that may improve patient care. HEDA allows medical staff to gain instant access to the full medical history of a patient and take rapid and qualified decisions in a limited timeframe. This has an impact on lowering the chance of error caused by human fatigue or the absence of critical data, which may have serious consequences to both a patient and a hospital.
  • HEDA platform can integrate all kinds of mobile applications that support HL7 IHE profiles for data exchange (mHealth). Patients can have personal and family health information at their fingertips, and be more involved in managing their health.
  • Like all other modern EHR platforms, HEDA is interoperable and can exchange patient information among other healthcare organizations that use industry standards, no matter which EHR they use.