business overview

The GoSwift Queue Management Service since 2011 has been committed to deploying innovative traffic management solutions based on web and mobile solutions since 2011 to facilitate the virtual queuing of vehicles at border crossings, ports and tourist attractions.
GoSwift is a strong advocate of Smart Traffic for the Smart City, based on a better use of the existing infrastructure and at a fraction of the cost.
GoSwift removes physical queues and replaces them with virtual online queues.

success stories

  • GoSwift is managing the border crossing of about 1.7 million vehicles every year.
  • The average queuing time for trucks has been reduced from 60 hours to 2 hours.
  • The local transport industry declared an annual saving of 4 million EUR*.
  • Sanitary, waste and pollution issues, as well as illegal practices, have been resolved.
  • Tourism and trade from Russia have increased significantly.
  • Commercial areas near the border have seen a significant growth in activity.

*declaration of the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers.

transport achievement award

The International Transport Forum at the OECD awarded GoSwift with the prestigious Transport Achievement Award 2015, for improving trade and tourism. The Award recognizes demonstrated achievement of excellence in transport provision that has improved, enabled or facilitated tourism.

GoSwift service allows vehicles to pre-book time slots for crossing the borders via the web, a call centre or self-service terminals at designated waiting areas.


  • Queue Management Solutions for border crossings, ports & ferries
  • Intermodal terminals
  • Integration of existing and legacy systems with new GoSwift solutions
  • In-house project design
  • management and delivery 24/7 call centre support and helpdesk


  • Licensing
  • Partnership in implementation


  • Transport Achievement Award 2015, Winner
  • European Business Award 2015, nominee
  • World Summit Award 2013, Winner
  • Estonian best e-Service 2013, e-Government


  • Estonia to Russia borders
  • Lithuania to Belarus borders
  • Lithuania to Russia border
  • Finland to Russia pilot project
  • Tallinn TV Tower