Teede Tehnokeskus

business overview

Teede Tehnokeskus is the centre of excellence for road construction in Estonia. For more than 55 years, scientists have worked together with the road construction industry, researching materials and testing roads. Scientific research is always motivated by real-life situations and a challenging climate, so, over the years, Teede Tehnokeskus has grown into one of the most advanced road consulting companies in the region.

quick facts

  • More than 55 years’ scientific research in road construction
  • Government-owned company
  • More than 50 employees
  • Annual turnover of over 3 M euros

core competencies

Teede Tehnokeskus’ competencies span the life-cycle of the road:

  • Scientific research of materials, durability, building methods etc.
  • Road-related measurements and laboratory tests
  • Creating IT solutions for intelligent road maintenance and construction
  • Developing, operating and maintaining intelligent transport systems
  • Technical consultations and supervision
  • Expert assessments, training, certification

what can we do for you

  • Customised IT solutions for the transportation sector and road construction industry

possible clients and collaborations

  • Road owners and the construction industry (states, local governments, private road owners, construction companies)
  • Transportation and logistics companies
  • IT or Tech companies in a similar field