TGS Pavement

TGS Pavement – Thermographic System for Pavement Quality Monitoring

TGS is currently one of the few solutions in the world that provides real-time pavement quality reporting. TGS monitors 100% of the pavement laid. The reports are instantly uploaded and available both on-site and in the back offices worldwide. You can immediately evaluate and recognize the risks so that actions can be taken instantly.

Basic Functionality

TGS effectively detects one of the most common reasons for pavement failure – high-temperature segregation that causes uneven compaction that makes pavements susceptible to damage from moisture and freeze-thaw cycles.

The system constantly measures the temperature of laid pavement using a thermographic camera and different sensors. It transforms the results into dynamic images and graphs that are easy to follow. The data is saved and uploaded so that it can be monitored on-site or even from across the world both in real-time or historically.


  • All-in-one solution for worldwide real-time feedback, even for multiple users simultaneously
  • Over 50% less quality risk areas on roads where TGS Pavement was used as a quality marker for a bonus system.
  • Saves money thanks to fewer penalties and repair work at a later stage.
  • Saves data to an online server where it is accessible on desktops, tablets or mobiles.
  • Thermographic images not only let you see the quality fluctuations but also helps to detect their cause.
  • Cost-effective and easy to install and use on any asphalt paver.
  • One of the few nondestructive methods to ensure pavement quality.
  • Can be used as a smart bonus-system to motivate contractors to deliver quality results.


  • Organisations ordering pavement work on roads (as a guarantee that the contractor delivers quality results; plus, as a bonus system to reward contractors for reaching set quality goals).
  • Road building companies (can use TGS as a bonus system or real-time paving quality assurance).
  • Companies that are interested in collaborating on the further development of TGS Pavement.