business overview

AS Telia Eesti was established in 1993. Today, Telia Eesti is the most experienced and largest IT and telecommunications company in Estonia. Telia Eesti provides carefully tailored data communications, phone and IT services to over 27,000 companies and organisations in Estonia.

By combining broadband Internet and voice services with mobile solutions, Telia Eesti is able to provide a flexible and versatile service that creates a unique value offer on the Estonian market.

Telia Eesti is a part of the international TeliaSonera Group that operates in 20 countries.

main service

Technological and business infrastructure for the telecom sector.

key products and services

Telia Eesti offers a wide range of integrated mobile, broadband, TV, and IT solutions, as well as valuable content to both residential and business customers
under the brand name Telia.

Telia Services – In addition to traditional voice and messaging services, Telia provides mobile data services, solutions for keeping costs under control, entertainment services, and much more. Telia services make daily life more convenient, easy, and secure.

Telia`s 4G network covers the whole of Estonia and provides the fastest stable mobile data speed. Telia`s 4G network’s maximum capacity enables data speeds of up to 300 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload.

Telia`s product and service packages include cutting-edge offerings: IT infrastructure solutions and support services, backup and firewall solutions, smart IPTV solutions (including digital content recording, VOD movie services, over-the-top content delivery, and more), internet services with highly reliable security and
virus protection, mobile and VoIP service solutions, 100 Mbps broadband, and video conferencing via PC or TV.

Mobile Convenience Services – Telia has built and participated in the development of many services that unlock smartphones’ true potential, for example, parking, digital signing, voting, shopping, and much more.
Telia delivers full range of mobile solutions: Mobile ID, Twin SIM, mParking, ID Ticket, mobile conferences, mobile payments, e-commerce payments, residential and business customer contracts (phone numbers) on one SIM card, and many other services.

Telematics Solutions – The m-Link service enables to operate various controlled access systems such as gates, turnpikes, doors, etc., by using mobile phone as universal key that replaces remote controls, magnetic cards and keypads. Telia also offers various monitoring and monetization services for these solutions. We also have a full set of telematics services for your home, car and boat. Additionally, we have telematics and payment solutions to operate mobile controlled closed parking areas, automated rental car services, etc., with end-to-end services including end user self-service portal with administration tools.

Broadband – Telia operates country-wide telecommunications network in Estonia, and provides broadband and data communications services and related value-added services and equipment. Over 70% of all Estonian businesses use Telia´s Internet service. The entire territory of Estonia is covered through a combination of wired and WiFi network.

Managed IT Services – Telia provides IT services, including systems integration and infrastructure solutions, data communications and networking, virtualization, cloud computing solutions, data center solutions, systems management and maintenance, as well as computer services and support for end users.


  • Developing, operating and managing Telecom and IT services on a nationwide basis.


  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Custom Development
  • Consulting & Training
  • IT Outsourcing