digital 24/7 business register

In 2015, a world record was set by Oman, where the fastest new company registration was completed in just 1 minute and 6 seconds.

Lightning quick company registration is a major ingredient in the ease of doing business and goes a long way to boost a country’s investment climate. For governments, it drastically reduces costs and minimizes risks.

A Digital 24/7 Business Register can serve as a launching point for closely related e-government services such as Digital Business Reporting, Digital Public Announcements, an integrated obligations register and business activity supervision. It can also be developed into a full-service Business Portal, serving people and government agencies around the clock.



  • Ease of doing business
  • Attractiveness to entrepreneurs/investors
  • Accelerated economic growth
  • Reduced bureaucracy and administrative burden
  • Can be integrated into a broader online Business Portal


  • Ministers of economy
  • National business associations
  • Economic development advocates


  • Invest Easy portal by Nortal propelled Oman 127 places up in a World Bank ranking. Read more.