business overview

Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company. Combining unique experience from transforming Estonia into a digital leader and creating change in businesses with a strategic approach and data-driven technology, our vision is to build a seamless society that stands on three pillars – enterprise, e-health, and e-government.

In each of these three areas, Nortal has assisted very influential customers achieve strategic change and better experiences.

Operating in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America, Nortal not only provides IT services, but actual structural reforms, focusing on the underlying impact on the target organization, be it government, hospital or private enterprise.

core competencies

Nortal is a one-stop shop for customers, offering high-value strategy consulting as well as change management and reliable data-driven solutions.

Nortal creates better services for millions in the U.S. telecom sector, digitalizes healthcare systems to help hospitals offer better care, builds electronic identities and public finance management systems.

success stories

Our scheduling system for Outokumpu increased their annual production capacity by enough steel to manufacture 129 cars.

Via the Invest Easy portal that Nortal built, registering a company now takes 2 minutes in Oman. After going live with the Invest Easy, Oman jumped 127 places in Starting a Business category of the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking.

services and products

Most innovation and value creation happens in the overlap between strategy, change management, and technology. Nortal is an expert in this space, bringing technological expertise and know-how to every aspect of the issue at hand.

Nortal’s experience is especially valuable as it allows us to offer what other technology companies cannot: the ability to help our clients set their strategic goals, go through legislation to uncover potential for change and ways to manage the change, and finally provide a data-driven technology solution.

Strategy, Policy & Legislation
Nortal advised the Dubai government on how to become a fully paperless government by 2021 with the help of a strong electronic identity.

Change Management
Nigeria’s government has saved more than €7 billion thanks to the public finance management system that Nortal built and put into practice.

Data-Driven Technology
Through Nortal’s solution, John Deere Forestry has saved at least a million euros annually, and their production efficiency has gone up more than 80%.


One Stop Shop ‘Invest Easy’ cloud solution for Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Oman.

Tax registration system for The Botswana Unified Revenue Service.

Integrated Financial Management and Information System for the Government of Nigeria.

ValuA – Scheduling system for steel casting company Outokumpu in Finland.

A versatile optimization solution for customized component manufacturing.

An all-encompassing digital solution that delivers better control of production.

Online Marketing and Marketing Automation Solution for Fortaco Group.

GIFMIS & PFMP: online financial management platforms that saved Nigeria 2.5 billion dollars. transformed e-government portal that went from plodding to perfect.

ESPBI IS: the digital health records system that is transforming healthcare in Lithuania.

TETRIS: a versatile e-system for processing work ability assessments.

EMPIS: an all-encompassing, online solution for supporting Estonia’s unemployed.

SFOS: a data management solution to expedite the ESIF grant application process in Estonia.

A fully automated self-service portal for subsidy applications that saves time and money.

An all-inclusive, automated traffic-flow management system that increases efficiency and saves money.

An automated mailing system that saves money and speeds up deliveries.

An all-in-one, online mail management solution for sending and tracking letters.

eArved: an efficient and convenient e-invoicing solution for both buyers and sellers.

Estonian Road Toll Solution for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and Estonian Road Administration.

eHealth Suite: an efficient “pick-and-choose” solution for enhancing healthcare in hospitals and medical centers.

Data Lake: a comprehensive data management solution that increases security and facilities GDPR compliance.