business overview

Nortal has 20 years of experience in digitizing governments and healthcare institutions in the Nordics, Germany and the GCC region, as well as creating a competitive edge and agility for large businesses, industry and manufacturing companies in Germany and the U.S. Combining that with the unique experience of transforming Estonia into a digital leader, our vision is to build a seamless society, where all communications and transactions are effortless. Nortal doesn’t merely deliver software — we are known for supporting successful structural reforms, focusing on the underlying impact. We operate in 10 countries and employ more than 1000 specialists who carry out high-impact digital transformation projects across the globe.

core competencies

Combining strategy, long-term business sector know-how with data-driven solutions, and innovative technologies, we are helping customers simplify and optimize complex processes for efficiency, sustainability and agility. We take full ownership of digital transformation from strategy to technology, thereby helping our customers tackle challenges and prepare for the future. Be it public or private sector, government, large businesses, healthcare, manufacturing and industry.

Digital Government

  • Together with Estonia’s Social Insurance Board, Nortal propelled Estonia closer to a truly seamless society by launching the first proactive services in 2019 that do not require citizens to apply for benefits for which they are eligible.
  • After going live with the Invest Easy one-stop-shop portal, Oman jumped 127 places in the Starting a Business category of the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking.

Digital Factory & Supply Chain

  • Using intelligent, integrated software that eliminates manual entry, streamlines operations and harnesses the power of IoT, Nortal is redesigning complex supply-chain and terminal management processes up to the point of delivery for a leading European oil company.
  • Through Nortal’s solution, John Deere Forestry has saved millions of euros, and their production efficiency has gone up more than 80%.
  • Our scheduling system for Outokumpu increased their annual production capacity by enough steel to manufacture 129 cars.

Cloud & Commerce

  • Nortal creates better services for tens of millions in the U.S. telecom sector, builds electronic identities, digitalizes healthcare systems to help hospitals offer better care and helps German pharmacists and patients save time and money.

Digital Healthcare

  • In Germany, we support Optica and various stakeholders as they launch an ePrescription pilot project in Hessen.
  • To help Lithuania bring its healthcare system up-to-date and pave the way for further digital development, Nortal created a centralized national health record system that serves as the foundation for the country’s entire electronic healthcare ecosystem.
  • We are building a modern enterprise ecosystem for a major healthcare provider in Finland.


One Stop Shop ‘Invest Easy’ cloud solution for Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Oman.

Tax registration system for The Botswana Unified Revenue Service.

Integrated Financial Management and Information System for the Government of Nigeria.

ValuA – Scheduling system for steel casting company Outokumpu in Finland.

A versatile optimization solution for customized component manufacturing.

An all-encompassing digital solution that delivers better control of production.

Online Marketing and Marketing Automation Solution for Fortaco Group.

GIFMIS & PFMP: online financial management platforms that saved Nigeria 2.5 billion dollars. transformed e-government portal that went from plodding to perfect.

ESPBI IS: the digital health records system that is transforming healthcare in Lithuania.

TETRIS: a versatile e-system for processing work ability assessments.

EMPIS: an all-encompassing, online solution for supporting Estonia’s unemployed.

SFOS: a data management solution to expedite the ESIF grant application process in Estonia.

A fully automated self-service portal for subsidy applications that saves time and money.

An all-inclusive, automated traffic-flow management system that increases efficiency and saves money.

An automated mailing system that saves money and speeds up deliveries.

An all-in-one, online mail management solution for sending and tracking letters.

eArved: an efficient and convenient e-invoicing solution for both buyers and sellers.

Estonian Road Toll Solution for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and Estonian Road Administration.

eHealth Suite: an efficient “pick-and-choose” solution for enhancing healthcare in hospitals and medical centers.

Data Lake: a comprehensive data management solution that increases security and facilities GDPR compliance.