online activity licensing

Online Activity Licensing is a way to simplify your licensing landscape, streamlining it through a combination of online tools and smart legal upgrades.

Licensing will always be needed for certain business activities, but the process is often slow and confusing for would-be investors and leads to huge administrative burdens on the state.

With Online Activity Licensing, business owners can apply for licenses from the comfort of a coffee shop, and later track the status of their applications through every step of the approval process. The government saves thousands of working hours and tons of paper every day, all the while improving its oversight capabilities.

The transformation requires both legal reform and seamless functionality. Nortal is the change management partner with the relevant experience and technical knowhow to get the job done.



  • Stronger public control over safety
  • Reduced bureaucracy and administrative burden
  • Attractiveness to entrepreneurs/investors
  • Accelerated economic growth
  • Can be integrated into an online Business Portal to create a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs


  • Ministers of economy
  • Regional, local officials responsible for licensing
  • Business associations


  • Thanks to Nortal, 72% of licensing moved online in Oman. Read more.