disaster prevention

Monitoring for such warning signs over large areas and in complex environments can be an overwhelming challenge for even the wealthiest of governments.

Datel has been working with different organizations, providing technological aids to better cope with such challenges.



Utility Network Management Systems in cooperation with ESA

Utility network management systems – using satellite remote sensing data, we monitor slow displacements in the ground surface and in structures. Our system can generate early warnings well before a catastrophic landslide or dam/bridge collapse would occure.

This On-Demand Online Deformation Measurement (OODM) and Technical Monitoring Service can be applied for large geographical areas with pinpoint accuracy.

Flooding Maps

Flooding mapsground surface elevation maps. Predicts the level of water rise and helps anticipate potential flooding.

Constellation GIS applications

Constellation GIS applications for area security, fleet control and solid waste management.

Sea Pollution Modeling

Sea Pollution Modeling – based on a sea model, it reveals the level of phosphates in the sea on the coast of Ida-Viru county.

River-Wastewater Mixing Zone

River-wastewater mixing zone – produces diagrams and maps of how wastewater from the shore or rivers mixes and disperses.

Dam Impacts Modeling

Dam Impacts Modeling – enables research on how land is flooded based on the swelling height behind a dam.